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The solar battery monitor

I’ve decided it was time I found a way to monitor my solar panels


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The Starway to Reno

So in theory you can control an infinitely long string of LEDs with just one data pin.
– At which point physics and engineering kick in to make life more difficult.

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The internet of stupid things.

Yep folks, if you call me when I’m brushing my teeth, you’ll get a customised voicemail telling you how much more brushing I still have to do.

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The network effect

Perhaps Gondolas are like voice-minutes – echos of a glorious past ?

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The end of an error.

The lesson here is “Data Trumps Intuitions” . Although if I’m honest we also picked our business model because it was easy to explain to some local risk averse VCs. They didn’t give us the money but we stuck with that plan.

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The way to create a new product or service when you already have one.

Contrast Digium’s careful step-by-step community involvement in the design of Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework with the way Skype treats their ecosystem (like Fring and Nimbuzz )

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The way to communicate via clouds.

In essence I’m proposing the equivalent of tabbed-browsing for your ears.

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