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The solar battery monitor

I’ve decided it was time I found a way to monitor my solar panels

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The Investigation of Packets

So overall I give Internet connection records – 5/10, mostly because the requirements seem to have been written before the advent of cloud computing and webmail.

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The Jumping Janus.

This white drone can’t jump, but it can be controlled over webRTC.

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The worst WebRTC demo yet.

The demo seems calculated to make webRTC look useless.

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The Duke’s signet ring.

This isn’t tenable, the password count is about to explode. We need better, more sensible authentication and security

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The practicalities of running a laptop on solar power.

If I start the day with a fully charged laptop, I can work for 10 hours and still be on 100%.

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The wrong side of history – where the telcos are now.

The telcos blew it. Their fate was sealed when they focussed more on what governments and their regulators want than their customers. They are, as I said over dinner at MWC this year, “on the wrong side of history”.

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The name of a Rose

WebRTC is heading into this battlefield. So far the standards groups have managed to dodge the issue by leaving the whole matter of signalling as an exercise to the implementor.

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The Countess of Lovelace, ordinary or exceptional?

She was an extraordinary woman, exceptionally rich, well educated and clever. She was often ill as a child. Her father (Lord Byron) was hardly conventional, these factors combined to give her the opportunity to explore and develop her mathematical abilities, a thing that very few women of her time (however rich) were allowed to do

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The benefits of a managed spectrum

We also found that there was widespread use of 900Mhz Wifi equipment … This was a surprise, especially since 900Mhz is designated by the ITU as spectrum for licensed mobile …

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