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The way to create a new product or service when you already have one.

Contrast Digium’s careful step-by-step community involvement in the design of Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework with the way Skype treats their ecosystem (like Fring and Nimbuzz )


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The cracks start to appear in the Skype architecture.

An increasing number of Skype’s endpoints don’t fully interoperate.

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The zero-install femtocell – AKA FaceTime

So where does Facetime leave the carrier ? On the face of it Apple are doing them out of minutes for no return. Surprisingly the carriers are probably going to be pretty relaxed about it.

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The Countess of Lovelace, ordinary or exceptional?

She was an extraordinary woman, exceptionally rich, well educated and clever. She was often ill as a child. Her father (Lord Byron) was hardly conventional, these factors combined to give her the opportunity to explore and develop her mathematical abilities, a thing that very few women of her time (however rich) were allowed to do

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The way to communicate via clouds.

In essence I’m proposing the equivalent of tabbed-browsing for your ears.

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The island phone system adventure…

The pacific island of Niue currently has no GSM operator, we are working to install a pilot system to provide mobile phone coverage using OpenBTS and asterisk – both of which are open source.

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The HD bandwagon

I noticed a very pragmatic attitude, everyone needed to know immediately
what the business case was – no Web 2.0 “lets build it, scoop up a million users, then worry about income” here, these guys are not interested in free or freemium !

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