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The internet of stupid things.

Yep folks, if you call me when I’m brushing my teeth, you’ll get a customised voicemail telling you how much more brushing I still have to do.

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The long slow death of Skype for Asterisk.

My guess is that Skype had a change of heart between the project’s announcement and beta. So Skype deliberately hobbled SFA. What were they scared of ? Openness I think.

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The gtalk/skype/sip/irc asynchronous UC mashup

Users from all three of the ‘islands’ in the VoIP world (SIP, Skype and GoogleTalk) could all participate on an equal basis in a conference about VoIP. Not only that, but their IM messages were also exchanged freely, all with the correct attribution.

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The cracks start to appear in the Skype architecture.

An increasing number of Skype’s endpoints don’t fully interoperate.

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The benefits of a managed spectrum

We also found that there was widespread use of 900Mhz Wifi equipment … This was a surprise, especially since 900Mhz is designated by the ITU as spectrum for licensed mobile …

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The first GSM call on Niue

We finally got (most of) our equipment and fired up OpenBTS

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The island phone system adventure…

The pacific island of Niue currently has no GSM operator, we are working to install a pilot system to provide mobile phone coverage using OpenBTS and asterisk – both of which are open source.

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