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The long slow death of Skype for Asterisk.

My guess is that Skype had a change of heart between the project’s announcement and beta. So Skype deliberately hobbled SFA. What were they scared of ? Openness I think.

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The gtalk/skype/sip/irc asynchronous UC mashup

Users from all three of the ‘islands’ in the VoIP world (SIP, Skype and GoogleTalk) could all participate on an equal basis in a conference about VoIP. Not only that, but their IM messages were also exchanged freely, all with the correct attribution.

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The way to create a new product or service when you already have one.

Contrast Digium’s careful step-by-step community involvement in the design of Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework with the way Skype treats their ecosystem (like Fring and Nimbuzz )

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The cracks start to appear in the Skype architecture.

An increasing number of Skype’s endpoints don’t fully interoperate.

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The zero-install femtocell – AKA FaceTime

So where does Facetime leave the carrier ? On the face of it Apple are doing them out of minutes for no return. Surprisingly the carriers are probably going to be pretty relaxed about it.

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The. best. job. ever. – build Skype 2.0 in a year.

What a brilliant opportunity for the engineers who get to work on this! It has everything – VoIP, hard deadlines, massive users, adequate resources, well defined requirements, most (but not all) of the necessary components already exist.

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